Optimize Your Website’s User Experience depending on the device they use.

Device Type

Grasp How Your Visitors Are Plugging Into Your Website

See the number and percentage of visitors split by the type of devices used to visit your website! Is your website getting more traffic from desktops, laptops or mobiles? This information may be crucial for your business, and can be used to best optimize your website to your audience.

Operating Systems Usage

See What's Powering Your Visitors' Interfaces

Get intelligence on the popularity of different operating systems among your website visitors, and use this to better tailor user experiences to their preferences.

Know Everything About What Hardware Your Visitors Use

Browser Usage

Get to Grips with a Key Visitor Software Preference

Are your visitors using Chrome, Firefox, or Safari? Access a detailed listed of your website visitors' browser preferences, and build this information into webpage construction.

Screen Sizes Usage

See Exactly How Your Website Measures Up

Learn about the device screen resolutions that are most commonly used by your website visitors, and use this intel to calibrate website development to your audience.