Visitor Behavior Analytics

Being able to properly analyze your users, is one of the key success factors of a website. Powerful tools are needed.

Custom Event Tracking

Check the number of clicks and interactions on any website element

Do you want to check how many website visitors clicked on a certain button or image? This feature will allow you to do that and more!
Create your own trackable event tags and add them to your website or enable your app to auto-track events and discover how visitor interactions change over time.

Visitor Recordings

We offer everything you need to know about your audience and their activity in real-time.

You may find that user behavior is different from what you expected. Visitors might be scrolling chaotically, hesitating, clicking on un-clickable elements, or they may not even scroll to your call to action button. You may even find errors you weren’t aware of.

Use this precious information to edit your page and drastically improve user experience.

Website Heatmaps

Create heatmaps for specific pages or even dynamic pages.

Setup a number of views for a complete heatmap and generate a full website heatmap of your page performance! Stop guessing where your visitors struggle and optimize your user experience and content!

Visitor Funnels Tracking

Track the success of the most important processes on your website.

Start analyzing your website conversion funnels, drop-out pages and other painpoints in the easiest and configurable way! Funnels are one of the most important user behavior analytics tools, as they can show you directly where you are losing customers and money.

Basic analytics tools only provide information about traffics stats, without focusing on insights that go beyond the numbers. Numbers can explain many things about the performance of a website. Yet, in order to truly understand user activities, you need something more. Behavioral analytics tools are the added features that can provide that sort of valuable insight. They can answer the question “why?”, in addition to the question “what?”, about your website visitors. Get our all-in-one website analytics tool, if you need both quantitative traffic stats, as well as unique insights into user behavior!